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Bosean 600m Laser Rangefinder

Bosean 600m Laser Rangefinder

Bosean 600m Laser Rangefinder

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The Bosean BH-600S Laser Rangefinder has the following characteristics:

1. Five modes: Distance, speed, angle, slope correction and flag-lock.

2. Functionality: Up to 1 yard of accuracy; 0.1~0.3 seconds measurement time and adjustable focus.

3. Mode Memory Function: Which mode you exit and will be the mode the next time you turn it on. Never waste your time re-adjusting again!

4. Automatically Switch Off: It will automatically turn off to save power, without operation for 10 seconds.

5. Smiple Operation: Press “on/ off" button to open the rangefinder----press " mode" button to change the mode you want----press"on/off" button to make the measurement.

6: Vibration/Jolt: The rangefinder will vibrate slightly to remind you that the measurement is complete.


Included in your order will be:

1x Bosean Rangefinder

1x Durable Carrying Case

1x English User Manual

1x Battery

1x Wrist Strap

1x Lens Cloth


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